Volunteer Opportunities





Volunteers help make this event possible. They are often the most memorable feature of the race for our runners coming from all over the world. Each year, our army of helpful, energetic, friendly volunteers help feed and water runners, sign them up at registration, rake leaves off the trails, drive boats, mark over 50 km of wilderness terrain, assist media, give out hugs and bandage blisters. To sign up as a volunteer please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.


The volunteer roles (mainly) include:

– Course marking (week before). Putting ribbons and markers out on the course. You need to know where you are going
– Race Registration: Friday. Helping to register runners, answer questions on the helpdesk, put up signs, assist sponsors and look after an expected 2500 people.
– Te Puia Start: Saturday. Helping with parking and making sure everyone finds their way in the dark.
– Aid Stations: Saturday. Helping set up the bufffet aid stations, feeding and watering runners, drop bags and providing encouragement.Volunteers report to the Aid Station Captain.
– Hotwater Beach Finish Line: Saturday. Helping set up and staff the finish line area and looking after runners as they complete their epic journey.
– Mountain Bike Patrol: Saturday. Making sure runners are ok on remote parts of the course.
–  Tail-End Charlie and Cleanup Crew: Saturday. Cleaning up the course markings after the runners have passed by.


For general volunteer queries – please contact us at volunteer@taraweramarathon.co.nz