Trail Clearing Day





DURATION: 2-8 hours of work per crew. Teams with kids can help out for a short time.

FINISH TIME: From 10 am onwards. The crews working on the far end of the Tarawera Trail may finish as late at 3 or 4pm.

TOOLS:  We will provide rakes, shears and loppers. Please bring your own in case we run out. Bring extra food and drinks if you need them.


REWARDS: – Free boat ride provided plus shuttle transport (if needed), Trail crew t-shirts, and lunch back at Sequoia Café and Eatery.

Each year, volunteers contribute hundreds of hours clearing tracks along the Tarawera Trail Marathon and 50k course. This is done with the generous support of the Department of Conservation and Lake Tarawera Water Taxis and Ecotours (who provide a free boat ride) and local landowners and managers.



There are many benefits of this.

– The trail is clear and tidy on race day – so many fewer twisted ankles during the event.

– Benefits all recreational walking and biking users of the trails.

– Wasp control at popular picnic areas.

– Nice clear trails for training runs.

– Free boatride provided plus shuttle transport (if needed).


6 x 5 person teams.


– Purple track near Waipa MTB carpark.

– Puarenga Stream Track

– Pondy, Green Lake and Blue Lake track areas – including Mossy Baja.

– Tarawera Trail start to Twin Streams.

– Tarawera Trail: Twin Streams to Hot Water Beach.

– Tarawera Trail: Twin Streams to the trail start.

– Tarawera Trail: Hot Water Beach to Twin Streams.


There will be smaller working bees (4 to 5 people for 3-4 hours each) working on clearing some tracks immediately prior to race week.