Event Location
Start: Pohutu Geyser, Te Puia, Hemo Road, Rotorua.
Allow time to walk 400 metres from the Te Puia entranceway to Pohutu Geyser.


Geyser start line

Marathon & 50k Finish: Hot Water Beach, Lake Tarawera. There is no road access to this location. It can only be reached on foot or by boat.
Tikitapu 16 & 23km Finish: Lake Tikitap (Blue Lake).


2017 Start Times
6:30 am: Marathon & 50km walkers/’tortoise runners’. *
7:00 am: 50km runners. 
7:30 am:
Marathon runners. 
8:00 am:
Tikitapu 23km runners and walkers.
8:15 am:
Tikitapu 16km runners and walkers.

* ‘Tortoise Runner’: Anyone with incredibly good looks, intelligence and is also a tad worried about missing the 2:30pm cutoff at Buried Village.


Event Briefings
All event briefings will be held at Pohutu Geyser, 15 minutes prior to the start times.

Expected Finisher Times
Fastest marathon runner: 2 hours 40 minutes.
Fastest 50 km runner: 3 hours 30 minutes.
Final marathon runner/walker: 9 hours.
Final 50km runner/walker: 12 hours.
Fastest 23km runner: 2 hours 15 minutes.
Fastest 16km runner: 1 hours 10 minutes.
Final 23km runner/walker: 9 hours 20 minutes.
Final 16km runner/walker: 5 hours 40 minutes.


Event Expo

The event Expo will open 1 hour earlier than registration. There will be plenty of items from the Tarawera store as well as sponsors products to tempt you. Stay tuned for details.



Event Registration

Marathon & 50k: Pick up your race info brochure and race numbers at the Friday registration. You must have a photo ID with you to register. No race numbers or timing chips will be handed out on race day morning. If you cannot make it on Friday please make sure someone else picks up your race pack for you. They will need to bring a copy of your photo ID.
• Tikitapu Trail Run: Pick up your race info brochure and race numbers at the Friday or Saturday registration. You must have a photo ID with you to register.
Drop bags: Leave your labelled (optional) drop bag in the appropriate truck or van at the Friday registration. Your drop bag will be taken to the Buried Village aid station. You must use the official Tarawera drop bag label on your bag. No drop bags will be accepted on Saturday morning.
Upgrade/downgrade: You can upgrade or downgrade your distance at registration for an admin fee of $30. Or you can decide on race day when you get to the intersection where distances split. In case you upgrade, please transfer the outstanding amount into our bank account.
Sarah’s Info Desk: Sarah & Paul (and many volunteers) will be on hand to answer questions during the Friday race check-in.



Race Start
Entry to Te Puia is free for all runners and walkers. For spectators, supporters and crew there is a $5 entry fee.

Due to construction, parking at the  top carpark at Te Puia will be limited this year. If you are staying at the Rotorua Holiday Inn or nearby – please walk to the race start. It will be fast as will greatly ease congestion. If you pick up your race bib on Saturday morning (Tikitapu Trail Run only), we highly recommend to park your car at the Saturday registration venue at the Distinction Hotel. From here, it is only a 10-minute walk to the race start at Te Puia.

The race start will be busy. To ensure we get underway on time, please aim to be at the start at least 20 minutes before your race begins. Hot drinks will be available for purchase at the Te Puia Cafe. There will also be toilets and portaloos at the Te Puia entrance. Make sure you use the toilet before heading to the start-line at Pohutu Geyser.


Course Markings

Only follow the fluro pink/orange ribbons in the trees, and red arrows on white corflutes. There should be no other markings.
Any turns should be obviously marked with these pink/orange ribbons and/or red arrows.
The wrong way will be indicated with hazard or warning tape.

22971015210_f458c3afc9_k (1)



Aid Stations
The Aid Stations are very generously stocked with food: Tailwind nutrition,  bacon and egg pies,  lollies, chips (chicken, plain and salt and vinegar), pretzels, sandwiches (with peanut butter, jam, Nutella and honey) fruit (bananas, watermelon (if in-season, oranges, apples), ice, water, coke, ginger beer.  The Pondy Vista Summit and Wairua Watering Hole are water stops only.

The order of the aid station offerings will be:
drinks -> food -> fruit -> drink containers to fill your bottles -> Vaseline and sunblock etc.



There will be portaloos at the Te Puia carpark about 400 metres before the race start-line (you do not run past these later).

Approximately 3km into the run, the Waipa Mountain Bike carpark has six toilets just 30 metres (to the right) away from the trail.

There will be portaloos at the Green Lake Picnic Aid station, Woodstock Woolshed and Tarawera Trailhead. There is also at toilet at Buried Village just 100 metres off the course.

There are additional toilets on the Tarawera Trail before twin streams, at Wairua watering Hole and at the finish-line at Hot Water Beach. If you need to poo in the bush – here’s how. Walk at least 25 metres off the track. If you are near the end of the field, leave your drink bottle there so the tail-end charlies do not walk past you. Dig a hole with the heel of your foot and bury everything. Leave no trace!




Anyone caught deliberately littering will be severely penalised. You will be disqualified from this event.
You will also be placed in the ‘gorse bush clearing chain gang’. Trust us – you do not want this.




Upgrading/Downgrading Distance on Race Day
If you have entered the marathon and you decide to run further, you must let the Green Lake Picnic aid station volunteers know you are continuing on. To be fair, please pay the difference at the finish-line (or Sunday morning) if you ran further. Comparing the entry form to the results – we’ll easily know who you are.

If you entered the 50k and you finish the marathon instead on the day, your result will not show as a DNF. Your results will be your place (and time) for the marathon.

If you drop at any point during the race, you must let the nearest aid station or a course marshal know that you have pulled out of the race. Make sure a volunteer records your race number.


Compulsory Gear
In the week prior to the race and at registration, competitors will be advised, and again at the pre-race briefing, what compulsory clothing and equipment items they must carry (based on the expected weather conditions). If there is little risk of bad weather, the most likely Compulsory Gear list will be A. There are four compulsory gear levels:

– A. No compulsory equipment
– B. Waterproof seam-sealed jacket
– C. Base Layer Long Top Wool/Polypropylene, Base Layer Long Pants Wool/Polypropylene, Waterproof Jacket (seam-sealed), Thermal Hat (Buff accepted), Thermal Gloves.

Any competitor leaving the Buried Village aid station after 2.30pm will be required to carry items B or C, at the discretion of the Race Director on Race Day.


Drop Bags
These are OPTIONAL and contain your own goodies (gels, food, change of socks, shoes, shorts, bodyglide etc.). Put your filled and labelled drop bags and finish-line bags in the pile for the correct aid station. These bags must be a reasonable size – do not pack the kitchen sink.

Leave your drop bags with us at race registration on Friday. We’ll take your drop bags to the appropriate aid stations and then deliver them all to the finish-line in Hot Water Beach. We are providing drop bag labels and they must be used.

Label your drop bags with your name, and the appropriate aid station.
– BVL Buried Village
– HWB Finish Line at Hot Beach*

BVL – please move your drop bag from the unused pile into the used pile. We will transport these to Boatshed Bay.

* Pack a change of clothes, comfy shoes/jandals, towel etc. for when you finish. There are beautiful places in the river for a swim and a soak in the natural hotpool. Pack some money for hot food, drinks etc. at the finish-line. Remember to take your bus ticket with you. Extra bus tickets will be available at registration ($20).


Lost Gear
Lost gear (from all locations) and drop bags from Green Lake and Buried Village are taken down to Boatshed Bay. You can pick them up form there. Any leftover gear can also be picked up on Sunday. Please get in touch with us if you are missing any of your gear.


Timing Chips
Timing chips are on the back of your race numbers. Run/walk over the timing mats at Green Lake Picnic (both in and out), Buried Village and the finish-line at Hot Water Beach.


Race Safety 
Please take care of both yourselves and the other competitors on the course. If someone needs help, please stop and help them. Some volunteers hold first aid qualifications. Some will have radio comms with the Safety Director and Race Director, in case of an emergency.  Mountain bike safety patrol will also be on hand to help you out. St. John’s support will also be available on race day.


Finish Line
Marathon & 50k: You (or your crew) can only access the finish-line on foot or by boat, there are no roads. There are sensitive geothermal and vegetation surrounding Hot Water Beach. These will be clearly marked and taped off. Please stay out of these areas.


Every finisher will receive a wooden finishers medal. There will be fruit and drinks at the finish-line for runners and walkers. We will have limited food for sale. Please bring cash. All runners get a free boat ride back across Lake Tarawera to Boatshed Bay, the boatride is approx. 20 minutes long.

Hot Water Beach Camping: A few campsites are available for you on Saturday evening at Hot Water beach.


Bus Transport

Bus to Buried Village: Free buses take registered runners and walkers from Boatshed Bay back to Buried Village or The Tarawera trailhead parking area where cars are parked.

Buried Village to Te Puia / Holiday Inn: A bus will transport you from Buried Village back to Te Puia in Rotorua. Make sure you have your bus ticket with you. You will need to show your bus ticket. If you have not bought one when you entered, you can buy one at registration. $20

Spectator Bus from Buried Village to Boatshed Bay: Free. No ticket required.

Bus from Tikitapu Finish at Blue Lake to Buried Village (and return): Runners/walkers. Free. No ticket required. Your race number is your bus ticket.

Tikitapu Finish to Te Puia / Holiday Inn: A bus will transport you from Buried Village back to Te Puia in Rotorua. You will need to show your bus ticket. If you have not bought one when you entered, you can buy one at registration. $20


NOTE: If spectator cars congest Boatshed Bay or The Landing, we can be denied permission to run this race again in the future. Parking is absolutely not allowed in these areas. This is why we are offering free buses 🙂



itra-300This event is conducted under the guidance and governing principles of the International Trail Running Association.