Launched in 2015, entry to the Tarawera Ultramarathon and the Tarawera Trail Marathon & 50km is now available as a one-off 3 or 5-year membership.

Membership entries are now available online.

Limited to 75 total members. This is 7.5% of the field – or 1 in 12 entries.
Any person or business from anywhere in the world is eligible to purchase a membership. Organisations and businesses are restricted to purchasing a maximum of five memberships.
– NZ $1995 for a 5-year membership. Guaranteed entry to 10 events, or $196 per event. 50 memberships or more.
– NZ $1350 for a 3-year membership. Guaranteed entry to 6 events, $225 per event. Limited to a maximum of 25 total memberships.


Your membership gives you:

– A guaranteed entry into each event each year (even if sold-out and a waiting list is in place) for the term of your membership. Future-proof your entry against possible price increases.

– Your entry is transferrable – so you can give (or sell) your entry to someone else.

– Access to special events – such as photoshoots and the elite runners/media barbecue.

– Possible discounts on sponsors products.

– Discounted entry to any future events dreamed up by NZ Trail Runs Ltd.

– Entry is for 1 x Tarawera Ultramarathon per year and 1 x Tarawera Trail Marathon & 50km per year. You have any choice of distance or relay team options.


Ways this membership could be used

– For individuals.
– Businesses and Employers – an employee wellness/health incentive programme – where one (or a team) of your staff have a choice of entering each event each year.
– Running and endurance coaches securing a spot for their clients.
– Charities to raffle or auction off an entry each year.
– Running clubs, gyms and crossfit clubs – to secure an individual or team entry for your members – possibly as a reward for volunteerism within the club.
– Retailers or sellers of adventure/sports gear – as an incentive for customers.
– Business brand exposure – a cost-effective way to ensure your brand exposure at our events.


Doing the sums

The 5-year membership provides a minimum $290 saving over the ten events (and this assumes there is no inflation or price increase in any event in the future). The 5-year membership could save you up to $1500 – assuming you always choose to enter the longest distance, entry prices increase each year and you do not always enter at the super early-bird price.

– You are not able to sell a race entry for greater than face-value at the time of sale.
– Only registered charitable organisations and registered clubs are allowed to auction of entries for charitable purposes.



1. Is this offer only open to Kiwis?
– Unfortunately, not everyone has the good fortune of living in New Zealand. To compensate for this – we are allowing individuals, sports clubs or businesses anywhere in the world, the opportunity of racing here. Yes – anyone can buy a membership 🙂

2. I have purchased the membership – now what?  
– You will receive a hug (both virtual and in-person from either Tim or Paul). You will also have a membership number. Before each race opens up, you’ll receive a discount code – this gives you free entry to the upcoming race.

3. Can I pay in installments?
– No, sorry there is a one-off purchase price.

4. What if a race is cancelled? 
– We have never had to cancel a race thus far (thank goodness). If this occurs, we will roll over your entry to race number 7 (or 11) from when entries opened.

5. How quickly will membership sell out and do you plan to repeat this offer again soon? 
– Honestly we do not know what demand will be like and have no idea how quickly these memberships will sell out. This is brand-new for us. We have no plans of repeating this offer in the next 2-3 years.

6. What if I am unable to race due to illness / injury (or any other reason)?
Your race entry is transferrable to another person (or team) for that race.  You may transfer your entry. There are no refunds.

7. Can I (or my business) buy multiple memberships?  
– Yes. We fully anticipate that a business that has a number of employees may easily purchase two, three or maybe even five memberships to gift to keen walkers and runners in their organisation.

8. What if someone uses my discount code without me knowing?  
We make sure the race discount code is only used once per race – and it matches your unique membership number. If you have multiple memberships – you will have multiple membership numbers.

9. Will this get me automatic entry – even if the race has sold out? 
Yes and no. Yes – if we still have a waitlist. You will be bumped to the top of the list. No, you will not get an entry if the waitlist has closed – that means that entries have officially closed for that race. You will not get to compete.

10. Will this ensure me any special treatment on race day (like sherpas to carry my stuff) or perhaps with UTMB qualifying, with Western States lottery chances etc.?
Ha! No.

11. I am using online dating to attract a potential boyfriend or girlfriend – will this make me more attractive to my potential mate?
Yes – oh God yes. Do not underestimate the attractiveness of this to to any potential partner. A Tarawera membership is the online equivalent of dumping a bucket of pheromones over your head.  You should also change your online dating handle to something like “enduranceguy_hastaraweramembership_69” … or something like that.