This event is very friendly for spectators and crew following the event.  See the  2015 Official Race Programme.  There are many places to see and support your runner or walker. These are:




– The race start at Te Puia. TOILETS / TEA AND COFFEE / FOOD. Admission is $5 per person (free for runners and walkers).

-At the bridge just 50 metres from the Waipa Mountainbike carpark. Waipa State Mill Road, Rotorua. TOILETS / TEA AND COFFEE / FOOD.

-At Puarenga Nice Aid station. Eight Mile Road, Rotorua. Travel down the road past the Waipa Mountainbike carpark, turn right at the intersection (straight ahead takes you into the mill – and a dead-end) and follow your nose to the mountainbike parking area. It is a 100 metre walk to the aid station. TOILETS.

– Green Lake Picnic. This is accessible via 8 Mile Road. But only via shuttle bus. You pick up the bus from the Puarenga Nice Aid Station.  Please note – this a private road security will be operating – do not attempt to access this road in a private vehicle. The shuttle will return you Puarenga Nice aid station.

-Woodstock Woolshed. 50km Only. You will be able to park on Highlands Loop Road, Rotorua. Follow the signs. TOILETS.

SHUTTLES: There is no parking at Boatshed Bay by Lake Tarawera (where the boats pick you up and drop you off). All crew and spectators should park at either at the Buried Village Carpark or the nearby Tarawera Trailhead. Free shuttle buses will take you to Boatshed Bay on Lake Tarawera for your boatride to Hotwater Beach. Note – shuttles will pick you up and drop you of from Buried Village and the Tarawera Trailhed. -Buried Village has TOILETS / TEA AND COFFEE / FOOD – including their world-famous Devonshire Tea. If the Buried Village carpark is full, it’s only a 400 metre walk to the Tarawera Trailhead carpark. Walk on the trail – not on the main road.

Due to congestion – no cars can park at The Landing or Boatshed Bay unless you are loading or unloading a private boat. This area is reserved for boaties, key staff and emergency vehicles only. Cars must park at the Buried Village carpark or at the Tarawera Trailhead carpark.

– Hotwater Beach finish-line. Access the finish line on one of the boats provided. The cost of a boat ticket will be $45 and can be purchased when you sign-up online or at race registration. TOILETS / TEA AND COFFEE / FOOD. Bring your Togs if you feel like a soak while you wait for your runner/walker!! Bring money for food and drinks. The boatride is 20 minutes each way. If you have a private boat you can access the event at various landing points along the Tarawera Trail. Prepare for heavy boat traffic on race day.

DRIVING IN THE FOREST – GREEN LAKE AID STATION Driving on 8 Mile Road in the Whakarewarewa Forest. Accessing this road is a privilege and is restricted to race day only. You will need to pick up a forest pass at registration on Friday. You will need to show that you have third-party auto insurance to pick up a pass. WARNING: THE FOREST IS A MULTIPLE HAZARD ENVIRONMENT.
• Fires and smoking are NOT permitted.
• In case of emergency call 111.
• Unless authorised, do not cut, fell or remove any live or dead trees, shrubs or other vegetation.
• Keep within the forest boundaries.
• Always follow instructions of any forestry security staff – be courteous.
• If you observe any unsafe or suspicious activity (such as smoking) contact a race official. • All people using the forests must comply with New Zealand law.
• Always be courteous to other forest users. DRIVING • HEADLIGHTS ON LOW BEAM AT ALL TIMES – BE SEEN.
• Always drive to the road conditions and be prepared to stop within half the visible road distance ahead.
• Observe the speed limits within the forest:
• The provisions of the New Zealand Road Code must be observed.
• Keep left at all times. • Park safely – as far off road edges as is practicable. MAHIA TE MAHI WHAKARURUTANGA O TE NGAHERE (Strive for Safety in the Forest).

Cars will encounter runners and walkers for 2km from the Blue/Green Lake carpark to the Tarawera Trailhead.