1. Geyser startline: 16, 23, 42 & 50k

No other run in the world starts so close to a geyser that you can actually feel the steam drift across you from your right shoulder. You are THAT close to the world-famous Pohutu Geyser at Te Puia.

22874832767_4fa90e1799_k (1)


2. Devonshire Tea: 42 & 50k

Traditional Devonshire Teas since the 1800’s. There’s a 120-year –old tradition that travellers on their way to Lake Rotomahana are served a Devonshire tea on their way. With a nice hot cuppa and a scone with jam and whipped cream – it is the height of luxury!

Devonshire Tea


3. Get Lost – get totally lost: 16, 23, 42 & 50k

We take you to the most unexplored and scenic places we know of. Through forests, bush, farmland and around lakes and streams. This is an adventure – not a race.



4. Boatride home: 42 & 50k

Every finisher of our marathon and 50k gets a free boatride home from Hotwater beach. You get the choice of taking a nice leisurely cruise (sipping wine on the deck and getting in a bit of sunbathing) or the adrenaline-filled thrill of a jetboat. Which would you choose?

30851754730_2223430f39_k (1)


5. New surprises every year:  16, 23, 42 & 50k

Same = boring. We change things every year so you can explore new places, face new obstacles and conquer new heights. 2016 saw the addition of some world-class bumsliding on the Tikitapu 23k action and the addition of the new Green Lake for the marathon & 50k.

bum sliding



6. Buffet aid stations: 16, 23, 42 & 50k

We love to eat! Our aid stations are legendary with food and drink for miles. Pizza, bacon and egg pies, kumara fries, sandwiches, fruit, chips, lollies, Tailwind drink, coke… we could go on. Eat up – we’re a buffet on legs.



7. Medal and finish-line hug for every finisher!

Every 16 & 23k Tikitapu and Marathon & 50k finisher gets a medal – and a big finish line hug!



8. Run or walk – your choice: 16, 23, 42 & 50k

Run or walk – enjoy the journey. The cutoff times are super generous and we have a special ‘tortoise wave’ so everyone finishes. Even the winners will walk some of the hills – so relax  and enjoy the journey.


9. Soak in a natural hotpool: 42 & 50k

Grab a free Croucher beer at the marathon and 50k finish-line and soak those tired muscles in a natural hotpool at Hotwater Beach – Lake Tarawera. An experience like nothing else.



10. OMG Zombies! 16, 23, 42 & 50k

At each aid station, the start and the finish you’ll find some of the craziest and friendliest volunteers ever. All the aid stations are decked out with a theme – and you never know who (or what) is going to greet you.


11. Be part of history: 42 & 50k

Trace the journey from Rotorua to the base of Mt Tarawera and the devastating 1886 eruption. Along the way you’ll run through the archaeological site of Buried Village Te Wairoa along the Tarawera Trail to the base of the mountain.



12. More scenery per millimetre than any course on earth: 42 & 50k

Four lakes, redwood groves, sheep, streams, forests, farms and a waterfall. If you don’t make it to the finish line, we’ll know you’ve tripped over the scenery on the way.



13. Free race photos: 16, 23, 42 & 50k

We position our hidden-army of photographers in all the most unlikely of places to capture your best side. All of your race photos are 100% free.



14. Spectator friendly: 16, 23, 42 & 50k

You’re not out there alone – we hope your friends and family will make some noise as they cheer on the runners and walkers.


15. Rise to the challenge: 16, 23, 42 & 50k

Every start group is challenged to do their very best with an awe-inspiring haka which will ignite a fire in your belly. Will you rise to the challenge?



Don’t take our word for it. Sign up today and be part of New Zealand’s most colourful, friendly and scenic run and walk.